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Introducing our services

East Africa 24/7 introduces the ultimate web solution to the East African business community. Be accessible around the clock - get online and expand your business opportunities.

Hosting is done on state of the art Microsoft Windows 2000 servers, offering the dynamic web presence you need.

With our all-inclusive hosting solutions you will get the Easy Web Manager application installed with every account. In this way you get easy access to updating information on your website - 24/7!

Q: Why can you trust East Africa 24/7 with your web solution?

A: Behind the technology of East Africa 24/7 is BIOS - a Danish IT consultancy founded in 1999, as BIOS eCOM we have had presence in Kenya for the past 3 years.

BIOS has developed and hosts IT solutions for major NGO's, EU, UN agencies and Danish Authorities. Our corporate clients include a pharmaceutical giant; Lundbeck, a shipping company and a major cell phone producer.

We recently launched the all-inclusive hosting solutions in East Africa because we believe that web presence is vital for future trade of companies of all sizes in the region. We have developed a series of very competitive professional solutions for any web requirement, focusing on the small and medium sized businesses.

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